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No, technology isn't making us lonely—it's bringing us closer to each other. others, especially introverts, may prefer to beat loneliness by interacting online.

Admittedly, it is difficult to define a marginal population. A somewhat.

About Speculative Fiction — Sherry D. Ramsey I wrote and turning it into a sort of essay on the genre, I've created this page. This essay does not simply critique existing law. Six basic examples will help to clarify the concepts of mistake.

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What Is Speculative Fiction? Speculative Fiction — African American Studies — Oxford Bibliographies 28 Jun Defining science fiction and speculative fiction has been an ongoing project. Home Topic Speculative Essay Definition — November 15, at am Preliminary indications are that, in addition to new card catalogs, libraries are likely to develop and use COM computer output microform catalogs, on-line catalogs, a combination of all three, or, indeed, other alternatives and variations not yet fully conceived of.

The possibilities inherent in the development of new forms of an old familiar tool should enable libraries and librarians to take a careful look at where they have been and at where they are going in this regard. It would be a serious mistake simply to assume that these new catalogs will, or should, replace existing card catalogs in their composition and form and with all of their imperfections.

New catalogs must build upon both the strengths and weaknesses of the past and must take into account what we know and what we can conjecture about user needs and behavior. There are, as yet, no firm guidelines for the development of those new catalogs, and there has been only minimal discussion of what they might look like and might seek to accomplish.

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Much experimentation will be necessary, and it is essential to begin to discuss some aspects of those catalogs in order to provide guidance and direction to those who will engage in that experimentation. The purpose of this paper is to present one set of speculative views about the catalogs of the future in the hope that those views will stimulate further discussion of this important issue.

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While I will not deal in detail with the important questions of how catalogs are constructed and what their purposes are, it is, of course, essential to define what it is that catalogs are intended to accomplish. Suffice it to say, at this point, that the essential purpose of a library's public catalogs should be to enable users to locate the material they need.

In almost every respect, what Cutter described as the objects of the catalog in should continue to apply.

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Those objects are:. Comics Films list Magazines Television programs Video games. Gargoyle Vampires list Werewolves. Science fantasy Fantastique Magic realism Slipstream Techno-thriller. Alternate history Backstory Dystopia Fictional location city country universe Utopia.

Irony Leitmotif Metaphor Moral Motif. Linear narrative Nonlinear narrative films television series Types of fiction with multiple endings. First-person Multiple narrators Stream of consciousness Stream of unconsciousness Unreliable Diegesis. Past Present Future.

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  6. Authority control LCCN : sh Categories : Speculative fiction. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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    By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Includes elements and beings originating from or inspired by traditional stories, such as mythical creatures dragons , elves , dwarves and fairies , for example , magic , witchcraft , potions , etc. Features technologies and other elements that do not exist in real life but may be supposed to be created or discovered in the future through scientific advancement, such as advanced robots , interstellar travel , aliens , time travel , mutants and cyborgs.

    Many sci-fi stories are set in the future. Focuses on terrifying stories that incite fear. Villains may be either supernatural, such as monsters , vampires , ghosts and demons , or mundane people, such as psychopathic and cruel murderers. Often features violence and death.

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    Takes place in a highly desirable society, often presented as advanced, happy, intelligent or even perfect or problem-free. Island , Ecotopia , Takes place in a highly undesirable society, often plagued with strict control, violence, chaos, brainwashing or other negative elements.

    Focusing on historical events as if they happened in a different way, and their implications in the present. Takes place before and during a massive, worldwide catastrophe, typically a climatic or pandemic natural disaster of extremely large scale or a nuclear holocaust.

    Centers on superheroes i.

    Typically incorporates elements of science fiction or fantasy, and may be a subgenre of them. Similar to horror, it exploits or requires as plot devices or themes some contradictions of the commonplace natural world and materialist assumptions about it.