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No, technology isn't making us lonely—it's bringing us closer to each other. others, especially introverts, may prefer to beat loneliness by interacting online.

Plus, even if your assessors find a couple of typos in your thesis, you can always correct those after the viva.

Measurement and meaning in health-related quality of life research. - LSE Theses Online

A typical thesis contains approximately 50, words, and mine was much shorter. If you manage to write words a day, then a thesis will finish comfortably in four months, while you enjoy your weekend. I wrote more than half of my thesis contents in just three weeks.

Instead of worrying and panicking about it, everyone should try to enjoy the writing experience. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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Thank you for writing this! I was pretty lost on how to start writing my thesis and this really helped figuring out how to plan my time. How did you approach writing the intro chapters? Since that requires lots of reading and processing, did you do it after switching to full time writing mode? Thanks for your comment. Introduction chapter is definitely the most challenging to write. But once you write the results, you should be in the swing of writing, which helps. Another added advantage is knowing exactly what to include in the intro.

Only include background information that your readers will need to explain your results. It really helps if you know the narrative to your intro before you start writing, so if you are really struggling, I suggest that you write down your sections and subsections and write a couple of paragraphs per sub-section. This is a useful exercise because it helps you stay on track of what you need to write. So really focus on the narrative and include background that helps the reader explain your results. Hope that helps and feel free to come back to me if you want any suggestion from me.

This means that health promotion efforts would do better to adopt a harm reduction approach, rather than to focus on abstinence. The current thesis reports the studies on which these conclusions are based, and the first study into the determinants of a harm reduction strategy.

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Many ecstasy users cease use circumstantially when they move on to another life phase. Ecstasy use interventions should aim at promoting harm reduction, rather than abstinence. Health Topics. World Health Statistics. About Us. Skip to main content. Health statistics and information systems. Ng N, Eriksson M. McEniry M.

Springer Science and Business Media Publishers. Applied Demography and Public Health. New York: Springer. Aging in Asia: Findings from new and emerging data initiatives. Gwatidzo SD.

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Sarhan M. Ogunlade OA. Fonta LC.