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No, technology isn't making us lonely—it's bringing us closer to each other. others, especially introverts, may prefer to beat loneliness by interacting online.

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Moderators saw quite a few 'history of the music video' blog posts, for example. The majority of candidates made no attempt to suggest why this was relevant to their projects. Where video work was significantly over marked, several Centres rewarded careless framing of shots and a lack of effort with construction of mise-en-scene with a level 4 mark.

Lip and instrument synchronisation was another area that was often not appropriately considered when assessing some music videos. Given how important performance is, and how easy digital editing makes frame-by-frame adjustments, an inability to sync these elements indicates a level 4 mark is over-generous. Some centres appear to weight answers when marking, allocating high marks for candidates who provide detailed responses to questions 1 and 2 but weak answers to the other two questions.

Music video was still the most popular with the digipak and magazine advertisement ancillaries but the film promotion and documentary briefs were also popular.

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There were still a number of small centres who seemed to give their candidates free reign to choose whichever brief they liked. This generally produced less successful work with little understanding of the theory behind the work being produced and therefore less insightful research and planning, and evaluations.

Research and Planning The best work demonstrated a real sense of engagement in the research and planning process, with some very good deconstruction of similar products using screen shots and video links, evidence of the experimentation that had taken place in order to create the final product, effective location research etc. Blogs worked best when seen as a frequent and regular way of demonstrating Research and Planning, although one centre did make good use of mini websites with separate pages for each bit of the planning and research. However, there were a number of Centres whose candidates had placed very little evidence of planning on their blogs or related files yet had been marked highly for this element.

Research into existing media texts by a large number of candidates focused solely on the main text with little or no research being conducted into appropriate texts relevant to the ancillary productions. Where detailed and appropriate research was conducted into the codes and conventions of the relevant genre it was clear that this informed the construction process and resulted, generally, in more appropriate, well constructed texts. For example, thorough research into music videos clearly influenced those candidates undertaking this brief in the number and variety of shots used for performance aspects of the video leading to a more tightly edited and well paced production.

For example a number of candidates producing TV advertisements detailed research into the ASA and its code of practice but then produced texts which were clearly in breach of the ASA guidelines. Planning was varied across the work submitted. The best was extremely thorough and clearly resulted in more effective productions. Detailed storyboards showed considered thinking about camera shots and angles and also how the text would be edited.

There were a large number of storyboards submitted which consisted of 8 or fewer frames. Production work was mostly moving image as main task and print work as ancillary tasks. Greater efforts than ever seem to being made with mise-en-scene and with lighting and sound. Where candidates and Centres have approached the production tasks as three parts of one whole the outcomes are usually stronger.

As noted above, the music video continued to be the most popular brief undertaken. Most productions took the form of performance combined with narrative, though a number of productions were narrative based which consequently results in a text which reads as a short film rather than a music video.

The best productions demonstrated careful construction of miseen-scene for the performance element in particular, in terms of location for the performance, and used a wide variety of shot types.

Media A2 Coursework - video analysis

They also paid careful attention to the need to achieve synchronicity of sound and visuals. Some excellent film trailers were produced which clearly demonstrated effective understanding of the way trailers work. These used a wide number of shots which resulted in a more tightly edited and well paced production. In particular they did not follow the narrative sequence of the film, resulting in some intriguing and attention grabbing texts.

There were some good documentaries — though these rely on the subject matter and interviewees being real and unscripted. They also need to avoid too much found and library footage. A small number of candidates undertook the TV advertisement brief, and these were not largely successful. This was due purely to the lack of variety of shots used and the small number of shots which resulted in laboured productions.

OCR Report to Centres — January There was strong evidence from one Centre that the local newspaper brief can also be completed to a very high standard, with real understanding of form, style and audience, with excellent use of typography, combined with real control over the appropriate software — needless to say they did not use Word or even Publisher for this task! In terms of ancillary tasks, where detailed research had been conducted into the genre this resulted in excellent and appropriate productions. However in a large number of cases the quality of ancillary texts did not match the main task production, with some almost appearing as an after-thought.

As has been said in previous reports, there is an expectation that candidates produce a minimum of 4 panels, but this does not simply mean the front and back and inside covers of a conventional CD as digipaks are more sophisticated in their construction. Centres need to ensure candidates conduct appropriate research into the genre and there are numerous freely available templates which candidates can then use to plan and produce their texts.

There were some excellent film posters, magazine front covers and magazine advertisements produced which demonstrated effective understanding of generic codes and conventions and successfully integrated original images and texts. However, there were still a small number of candidates using found images which dominated their ancillary texts and where this was done centres did not reflect this appropriately in their comments or marks.

Most website productions were submitted as working urls, in line with the requirements of the specifications, and made use of freely available templates resulting in highly effective and easily navigable sites. A few Centres produced exceptionally good examples of this task using Wix. There was a smaller number of centres this session who submitted websites as jpeg files, which is inappropriate.

Evaluations Evaluations generally made better use of the four set questions to structure responses. A small number of centres ask candidates to answer additional questions to those in the specifications, which does nothing to enhance their evaluations. There were also more Centres encouraging candidates to use more than one format in answering the four set questions, which was generally best practice.

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The most successful evaluations were video commentaries with images cut over the top to illustrate the commentary. Presentation of evaluations continues to be a weakness for some centres, as candidates submitted responses either on their blogs or PowerPoint presentations as essay prose, albeit illustrated with still images.

These tended towards very text heavy evaluations either as a series of posts on the blogs, or as Powerpoints without much in the way of hyperlinks, or even screen shots. Prezi was popular, but going through them is often a laborious process; slideshows with lots of text are not good practice — but Prezis with lots of text are even more cumbersome. Some candidates were well prepared and able to draw upon examples from a full range of coursework as well as responding to Section B with synoptic confidence.

Others were attempting to stretch minimal preparation across the paper — in some cases using the same ONE theoretical reference point in all three answers — representational conventions in youth films, representation in their own youth film and the representation of youth and its relationship with collective identity. In many cases in this, and previous January sessions, candidates appear to have a limited choice of material to adapt and this is most obvious in question 1 b where a significant number of candidates merely answer the question in relation to another concept — genre or narrative, most frequently.

One examiner expresses it thus: Assimilated theory, properly applied is a joy, but rare. Stronger answers were able to draw upon, and compare work from AS and A2, main and ancillary tasks. Generally, answers were undermined by a lack of precision regarding research into real media texts and too often this was reduced to a description of technical skills.

It is crucial that candidates do have A2 work to write about as well as AS. Centres entering candidates before the full range of coursework is completed are at risk of disadvantaging their candidates as this is a synoptic paper. The strongest responses were those that could compare a range of productions in relation to specific media texts and their conventions, write about decision making which complied with and challenged conventions and provide a reflective account of progress made or skills developed over the duration of their AS and A2 coursework projects.

The strongest answers followed the. OCR Report to Centres — January guidance provided in these reports and at INSET and began with a theoretical explanation of representation, supported by references to academic writing on the concept and then systematically applied the concept to one of their productions, understood for this question as a media text.

Postmodern Media This continues to be, generally, a well handled topic. Accurate engagement with theorists such as Baudrillard, Lyotard, Jameson, Eco, Hebdige and Paglia was evident in most cases. In this area and others Centres need to ensure that they are covering more than one media area and that candidates can refer to contemporary media texts for the majority of their answer.

For example, if an answer was sophisticated in its application of postmodern theories but dominated by analyses of Blade Runner, A Clockwork Orange and Pulp Fiction, marks would not reach the higher bands as only one media area would have been covered film and not one of the examples offered would have been contemporary. Regulation It was pleasing to see the phone hacking scandal and its implications analysed with regard to the credibility of the PCC and in most cases this was contrasted well with the role of the BBFC.

The Byron review was often discussed and in most cases candidates understood the complexity of the recommendations and were able to compare these with the more one-dimensional effects model discourse. Media in the Online Age Answers to these questions were the least theoretical in scope, again.

Global Media We Media and Democracy As with all of the topics, the ability to evaluate contrasting arguments is the most valuable currency here and evidence of this is variable. General Advice to Centres This advice is repeated from previous sessions. Support candidates to prepare different approaches to 1 a and 1 b — process and decisions for 1 a , conceptual textual analysis from a critical distance for 1 b. Ensure that candidates are able to make use of contemporary media examples for the majority of their answer in section B. Theory from any time is appropriate, but media examples and case studies should be mainly from the five years preceding the examination.

Enable candidates to engage with a range of theoretical, academic and research perspectives for whichever theme is addressed — there is an abundance of media theory applicable to ALL themes, including media in the online age and media regulation. Develop time management skills for exam preparation, particularly for section 1.

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