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Maya Angelou Biography Paper

In the mids, Angelou's career as a performer began to take off. She landed a role in a touring production of Porgy and Bess , later appearing in the off-Broadway production Calypso Heat Wave and releasing her first album, Miss Calypso Angelou went on to earn a Tony Award nomination for her role in the play Look Away and an Emmy Award nomination for her work on the television miniseries Roots , among other honors. Angelou spent much of the s abroad, living first in Egypt and then in Ghana, working as an editor and a freelance writer.

Angelou also held a position at the University of Ghana for a time. In , on returning to the U. One of her most famous works, Angelou wrote this poem especially for and recited at President Bill Clinton 's inaugural ceremony in January Kennedy 's inauguration.

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Angelou went on to win a Grammy Award best spoken word album for the audio version of the poem. Friend and fellow writer James Baldwin urged Angelou to write about her life experiences.

The resulting work was the enormously successful memoir about her childhood and young adult years, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. The poignant story made literary history as the first nonfiction bestseller by an African American woman. The book, which made Angelou an international star, continues to be regarded as her most popular autobiographical work.

In , Angelou was lauded for remaining on The New York Times ' paperback nonfiction bestseller list for two years—the longest-running record in the chart's history. Angelou crafted this memoir about leaving California with her son for New York, where she took part in the civil rights movement. A lyrical exploration about what it means to be an African American in Africa, this autobiographical book covers the years Angelou spent living in Ghana. In this memoir, Angelou discusses her complicated relationship with a mother who abandoned her during childhood. After publishing Caged Bird , Angelou broke new ground artistically, educationally and socially with her drama Georgia, Georgia in , which made her the first African American woman to have her screenplay produced.

In , seeking new creative challenges, Angelou made her directorial debut with Down in the Delta , starring Alfre Woodard. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Angelou stopped celebrating her birthday for years afterward, and sent flowers to King's widow, Coretta Scott King , for more than 30 years, until Coretta's death in Angelou was also good friends with TV personality Oprah Winfrey , who organized several birthday celebrations for the award-winning author, including a week-long cruise for her 70th birthday in After experiencing health issues for a number of years, Angelou died on May 28, , at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The news of her passing spread quickly with many people taking to social media to mourn and remember Angelou. Singer Mary J. Blige and politician Cory Booker were among those who tweeted their favorite quotes by her in tribute. President Barack Obama also issued a statement about Angelou, calling her "a brilliant writer, a fierce friend, and a truly phenomenal woman.

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To others reading, it reveals the ability of humans being able to get past feeling hurt while delivering a sarcastic response for everyone who treated the writer poorly. Good Essays words 2 pages. In life, so far I only have a few stages under my belt, like from childhood, preteen years, and teenage years. Through these periods in my life I have become a vibrant, focused, and independent woman When Maya speaks people listen.

She turned tragedy into triumph, and helped others in doing so.

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So, Maya has proven too many women, especially black women that you succeed, even if you have had a child in your teen years. Good Essays words 5 pages. Louis, Missouri on April 4th, Although she was born there, she spent most of her childhood in Stamps, Arkansas with her Grandmother, Annie Henderson and in San Fransico, California with her mother.

Maya had to deal with many hard things growing up and although it wasn't perfect, she's lead a very eventful life Good Essays words 3 pages. The unexpected events that occurred during the ceremony enabled her to graduate from the views of a child to the more experienced and sometimes disenchanting views of an adult.

Upon reading the story there is an initial feeling of excitement and hope which was quickly tarnished with the abrupt awareness of human prejudices Good Essays words 4.

A beautiful, sorrowful painting that has suffered adversity and whatever life throws at her and has risen above it all. Through the experiences of life, what was once a white empty canvas transformed into a stunning work of art. My mother, Maria de Jesus Guzman has taught me strength and passion for life, has shown me the beauty of independence, and has been a glass of faith from which I can drink from whenever my strength wavers