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Medical Assistant - What is a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistants and LPNs have different roles and responsibilities. You will get a better understanding about each occupation position in the medical field. Understand the difference between the two is not as difficult as it seems. The difference between the two is Medical Assistants handles basic clinical tasks. They are responsible for medical records, book-keeping, and answering call.

Most Medical Assistants help Doctors examine and treat patients There are many options ranging from healthcare to medical jobs. I have thoughtfully chosen to enter the program for Medical Assistant MA. Better Essays words 1. As a future medical assistant I will always treat my patients with respect. Culture diversity is important in a healthcare facility.

In the health care fields there are different genders. A patient should not be treated any differently.

As a medical assistant I will treat all Genders equally and show respect to all of my patients. One scenario is if I have a patient that is a female the patient that is a male after her will get the same equal treatment While both factors were involved in my initial interest in the program, neither of those factors are unique to the Physician Assistant program at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences UAMS.

What lead me to officially applying to the program is the resources the program affords to the students The great part of this career is that every day you will be able to assist different patients with different services, have access to more hands on procedures, work in a group with other healthcare providers, build trust, and share constructive ideas about medical world.

Last year, I had spent most of my time doing research at the Freshman Research Initiative program, prepared to graduate, and get accepted to work as a lab researcher Helping others is self-rewarding and it is what gives me daily energy to continue what I am best at. I used to love coming home from school to help my mom with chores. I knew by me helping her, the day would be better and as a result she would be able to sit and relax In the field of Physical Therapy one needs to have the understanding of how the human body works and the injuries one body could sustain.

I have chosen a career to help others to battle back from life-changing injuries or surgeries. I will take the first step of joining the medical field by obtaining a physical therapist associates degree. I will become a Physical Therapist Assistant. One can 't really do much without learning a thing or two to move on to the next day.

Whether it was your first steps or first words, those were all taught to you somehow, someway. Having a solid paying jobs most likely came with graduating with either a bachelor 's or have gone on to get as high as there masters degree in their field of study. Which is the way things work nowadays in the job field ; definitely in the medical field Those who desires a path to practice medicine as soon as possible, PA 's lateral mobility allows that to happen.

Compared to medical school, PA school requires less time and amount less debt.

Essay on Medical Assistant is a Rewarding Career

As the population grows and chronic diseases spreads, The future projection of PA is growing faster than the average careers. The assistant part in physician assistant is generally understated. My father called my cell phone; I answered, thinking he was calling to congratulate me on the big win. My heart sunk.

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I learned that my grandfather had suffered a stroke. I quietly stood in the corner of his hospital room as the medical staff poured in and out Suffering from frequent sinus infections in , I often landed myself in the Emergency Departments Fast Track, which to my surprise was managed by PAs.

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At that time, PA was a newly evolving medical career that everyone around me was interested in. What attracted me was that it allowed students to study medicine in a flexible approach, where they were able to easily alternate specialties throughout their career Strong Essays words 2.

Essay about Medical Assistant

I have always been fascinated by healthcare and grew up with several different types of medical professionals in my family. The Physician Assistant PA field is a fairly new career, when in comparison to nursing or practicing physicians. This program was created in , and its first graduate class was in from Duke University American Academy of PAs.

I am fortunate enough to know that a career in dentistry will make this a reality. As a child, I was interested in various professions that relate to the healthcare field. It was during my sophomore year in high school that I decided that dentistry is the profession I will pursue. I was first exposed to the impact of dentistry when my church volunteered at a medical mission trip to the Philippines wherein free medical and dental services were provided to the underprivileged At this point in time my career goal is to become a physician assistant in orthopedic surgery.

I plan on working in a hospital setting where I can continue to learn and practice my profession. Five years after all my schooling and achieving my license, professionally I see myself working at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, New York, which is a teaching hospital I have carefully reviewed the criteria for Assistant Professor and feel that Dr. Abu Dabrh clearly meets these criteria. After finishing his clinical training, Dr. They have one of the best jobs in the medical field and they get paid good money.

They give you advice on how to keep your teeth, gums, mouth clean. They give you advice on how to keep your teeth and mouth clean. They get paid a lot of money to. They get paid almost , a year. That is a lot of money to have. S News and World Report.

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  7. Around four, I told my pediatrician during a well- check visit that I wanted to grow up and be just like her. My love of infants and children strongly influenced my career choice because I want to have the ability to help sick children who do not have the ability to help themselves. I have considered many options to enter the healthcare field from nurse, to doctor, and finally came to the conclusion that what I truly wanted out of my future resided in a career as a Physician Assistant I have an interest in these two majors because I wanted to help people in need and make society a stronger and healthier environment for everyone.

    I want to work with kids and help them not be afraid of doctors or receiving annual check-ups and be able to open up and let me help. They waste valuable time engaging in frivolous matters instead of putting their energies towards more productive and meaningful purposes. A physician assistant PA is a nationally certified and state-licensed medical professional. The job outlook for physician assistants is thirty-eight percent, which is much faster than average Rural health care is a real challenge in the United States.

    A Career in Medical Assisting Essay Example

    Imagine needing emergency services and a doctor is not available. Imagine living in a remote area where specialized medical services are miles away.

    go to link In rural areas these situations are a reality not imaginary. Physician assistants have the ability to impact and influence the solution to the growing healthcare crisis. So, what is a physician assistant and why am I interested in becoming one. The role of the physician assistant is growing because of the ageing population and the decline in medical care practitioners Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. Our society grows every day, by a little more, and it gets more difficult to make an appointment, it takes around 3 or 4 months after you scheduled an appointment to be seen by the doctor.

    There have been cases where, people need to go to the doctor for any kind of illness, they scheduled an appointment and from there to the time they get to see the doctor the illness is gone Although many patients are well-informed regarding the physician assistant profession, there are also some who are wary of seeing a PA over seeing a medical doctor MD for their health care needs. Despite the differences between the training and overall education model of a Physician Assistant versus a Medical Doctor, the quality of patient care is not affected A Physician assistant practices medicine under the direction of a physician, and can nearly do anything regarding medicine.

    What exactly are some of the thing a physician assistant does on a day to day basis. Physician Assistants perform physical examinations and take medical histories Physician assistants are medical professionals who provide diagnostic and preventative health care services under the supervision of doctors. Forbes magazine recently listed physician assistants as the fourth fastest growing profession in the United States.

    Although the profession is currently getting a wealth of attention, the idea of physician assistants has been around for centuries. More recently due to the shortage of physicians, there has been an increased need for physician assistants Physical therapist assistants work under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist.

    Physical therapist assistants have the pleasure of helping patients regain movement and manage pain caused by injuries, illnesses or surgeries. There are a vast array of subjects to study on the road to become a physical therapist assistant. Palliative care, pediatric care and geriatric care, are endearing specialty areas for the physical therapist assistant I think that I was led to change it by something greater than myself.

    When I think back over the years, there were certain sequences of events that happened at the right time and order that lead me to be where I am now, applying to medical school. Medical Assisting is a career field is perfect for people who want to help others. And helping others is a huge reason that this career field is so rewarding.

    Medical Assistants are the heartbeat of the medical office or hospital. They assist in the administrative and clinical procedures of a health care facility.

    Essay on Medical Assistants

    This growing industry will need highly-skilled medical assistants to help with the clinical and administrative needs. If you have the compassion and commitment for a medical career, you should definitely consider becoming a medical assistant. Check out the three reasons why you should become a Medical Assistant: Hot Employment Growth For Medical Assistants As the baby boomers grow older, they will require more medical attention. You Can Get Trained In Less Than A Year Another reason you should consider training to become a medical assistant is that most schools can give you the hands-on experience you'll need to start your medical assisting career in less than a year.

    The short-term training will vary by state, but most of the time you'll take medical assisting classes in the following subjects: Patient care Clinical assisting Pharmacology Medical insurance Bookkeeping Health sciences Cardiopulmonary Electrocardiography Laboratory procedures Endocrinology and reproduction Therapeutic care This diverse set of training will prepare you to handle the administrative and medical needs of a medical facility. Medical Assisting Is A Career You'll Be Proud Of One of the biggest reasons why many students choose a medical assisting career is because it gives it's a career field where they can help other people.

    Click to find a quality Medical Assistant School near you. Want More Information? Discover the exciting benefits of becoming a medical assistant. Request Info. Frequently Asked Questions Q.