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No, technology isn't making us lonely—it's bringing us closer to each other. others, especially introverts, may prefer to beat loneliness by interacting online.

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The rapid development of science and technology has changed the pattern of life now. Everything, processing, gathering information, or any aspects of the various areas that were previously done manually, which gives a lot of risk has to be made more effective, faster, and more practical with the application or use of information technology or computer. Covering the use in various fields including business, financial institutions, industry, education, administration and other fields have the desire to realize develop each country. The fact is, computers have become the heart and backbone of society today.

Whatever the field, computing has a lot of people taken over the task. It will not only help in the calculations, store information, detect a decision also to increase efficiency and productivity. But they said it is now clear that the use of computers has been widely practiced and used. In line with globalization and the borderless world, the computer is a machine in the information society is also the main artery of all machinery administration in any field.

Computer networks are a tool, known also as nodes, relating to media liaison. Node may consist of a computer, printer or other device to send and receive data generated by other nodes, nodes in the network. Media Liaison, also known as communication media. The largest network in the world is the Internet. Edit Development. Network started with a small building, the connection about ten computers and a printer. The technology that exists at the time the computer is connected to limit the number and length of communications cable that can be allowed on the network.

In the early nineties the communication cable can be pulled so far about feet to the extension of approximately 30 computers only. This network is suitable for a small organization known as local area network LAN. LANs typically connect devices in a building or a building. A LAN can be built only with two computers and a printer or can be extended only in one building to include audio and video software.

LAN size is limited to a distance of several kilometers only. LAN with data rates from 4 Mbps to Mbps. WAN can be sending data, audio and video at distances up to cover a country or continent or around the world. Local Area Network LAN is a limited range of geographical barriers such as a laboratory, a school or building.


In a typical LAN configuration, one of the computers used as file server file server that functions to keep all the software that controls the network. All computers are connected to the server file known as a workstation. Computer workstation comprising a desktop computer specifications less than the server and also may have software on the disk severity. Cable used to connect the LAN via network card installed on each computer. Widespread area network connecting a number of Local Area Network in a place to enable sharing of information carried.

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To create a WAN requires systems across the sea or the use of microwave or satellite. A computer network system using communication line that connects computers to each other. There are various methods that can be used for the communication and is known as topology. Topology can be considered as a virtual shape or structure of a network.

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This shape actually does not correspond to the actual physical design of the devices on the computer network. The computers on the home network can be arranged in a circle shape but it does not necessarily mean that it presents a ring topology. Star topology is a network where all computers or other devices connected to the central distribution system, known as the Hub or Switch.

Hub or Switch is responsible for managing the computer network. All messages or data that is sent to a central control hub for avoid collisions from occurring. There are two operations that used by the hub or switch that is operating broadcast and the operations of the transition switching.

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Distribution operations, hub or switch will make the delivery of data received from one station to all the routes connecting them. In transition operations, the hub or switch will save the data received and sends the data through a receiving station. Each node can be connected to the network and can be removed at any time without affecting the whole system of directly by. Furthermore, if one node does not work, it will not affect other computer networks. Any damage to the connection between the hub nodes will not affect the system as a whole, but if the damage occurred on the hub, the entire system will also be affected.

The main weakness of this topology is that it requires a fairly high cost in view of all systems connected to it computers, scanners, printers, etc. In local area networks where the ring topology is used, each computer is connected to the network in a closed loop or ring. The Messages or data to be transferred in order according to the same path in the same ring. Each data node will be checked by delivery location. If not the same node strike, it will be submitted to the next node and this will continue until the delivery address the same node strike.

As the data is transferred by the same route as the sequence of the potential for violations of data that appears to be similar to the network and can be removed at any time without affecting the whole system of directly by. However, one problem that arises is if a node fails, the entire network will probably also be affected.

Arrangement of nodes in this topology is almost the same physically as star topology; only a logical was a ring. MSAU is installed in a ring-shaped network where it is more than one unit. If only one unit only used the physical topology is similar to the star connection. Bus topology, are also known as the Ethernet using a line length where each node in relation to him.

Data will be sent by each node in the hope that it does not collide with data transmitted from other nodes. If it happens, the node will try again until successful. Weakness of the bus topology is in terms of maintenance. It is quite difficult to maintain in view of the connection is in the form of a series. Educationally it has made it somewhat easier for teacher and other school district staff member to organize things like grade, attendance, and disciplinary notices Research Papers words 2. The majority of our society has adopted computer technology as part of daily life.

These technologies include cell phones, information booths, digital televisions, and computers to name a few. The increase rate of technologies and online learning has created a wealth of learning opportunities for educational institutions and businesses. In addition, technologies also help detect possible problems and gives options to how people communicate Research Papers words 4 pages. The idea that only a few decades ago computers were virtually unheard of is inconceivable.

Computers are now so essential that they basically run our society and the whole of the modern world. They track hurricanes, forecast the weather, predict natural disasters, control satellites and missiles and keep countries around the world in constant contact As in the past, your information could be found on an old credit card statement inside your garbage can at the end of your driveway; just waiting to be plucked by the next crafty criminal who can get his hands on it. Now your sensitive personal information is inside not only in your garbage can but as a result of the last couple of decades, information technology now has the ability to send your personal information in packets of data and over telephone wires Research Papers words Alan Bundys web page, I realized of all the ways we rely on computers in this day and age.

Computers and the technology today allow people to receive any type of information in the world right at their fingertips. With all the written information that is in libraries, it seems as though people just skip right over that and head straight for the computer. Free Essays words 1. Everyday the superior performance of computers appears to render printed literature more obsolete - e-mail and chat rooms have nearly eliminated traditional written letters, the Internet has all but replaced the need for libraries and paper catalogues and, soon, hypertext will completely overtake the realm of the printed novel The Age of Computers.

The Age of Computers Length: words 2. Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help? Essay on The History of Computers - The History of Computers To those of us that have grown up during the computer age, computers seem like a normal part of our everyday lives. Essay on Security and Consumer Protection in the Information Age - Abstract: At this point in time the ubiquity of personal and sensitive information of businesses and individuals who participate in the world economy is greater than ever.

Essay The Future of Literature in the Age of Technology - The Future of Literature in the Age of Technology Bolstered by the recent advancements in technology, our society has gradually departed from the culture of the printed word to a computer culture structured by the digital word. Search Term:. Research material, check the citation of the information you use.

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